Classic style, quality food with an elegant simplicity.

Stanton Coffee Beans

Our Story

The vision for Stanton Food has always been to effortlessly combine luxury with an understated style, exceptional food quality & flavour into different spaces. .

We pride ourselves on delivering seasonal menus with local and fresh produce. We are reverent to the classics, and make them sing with local, quality produce.

Every menu is designed to deliver a unique experience, catered to each location. Wether it’s at a Stanton Cafe or a Stanton Bar, our passion is always delivering an exceptional experience.

Our Menu

Everything we pick, cook, bake, roast or plate up uses fresh, local and seasonal produce so that every dish is full of flavour. 

Explore what we are creating every day at Stanton. 

Stanton Coffee Beans

Our Coffee

We believe the foundation for anything great, is quality. Which is why we start by sourcing the most exceptional 100% Organic Ethically sourced green beans globally. Expertly roasted locally, in order to achieve a specific and unique flavour profile and sensory experience.

We pride ourselves in being sustainable and knowing where each bean comes from, helping reduce our footprint and guaranteeing the perfect cup of coffee.

You can take your own piece of Stanton home, with our coffee beans being sold at every Stanton.

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