The vision for Stanton Food has always been to effortlessly combine luxury with an understated style, exceptional food quality & flavour into different spaces. We develop location specific menus to suit the taste and palates of our local customers and it’s produce. Either at a Stanton Cafe or a Stanton Bar, our passion is always about delivering an exceptionally warm and engaging experience. 

Our Values

What matters most to us may seem simple, but getting these things right is at the core of what we do, day in and day out at Stanton.

First and foremost understanding you, our customer helps us choose what’s most important. It ensures that everything we pick, cook, bake, roast or plate up is the quality you’ve come to expect.

We, of course, strive to ensure that your experience is relaxed and welcoming and believe that having outstanding people that understand your needs makes this possible.

Our Food

With old favourites on the menu, served up with quality produce, the classics sing. Our menus cover a diverse gourmet range of flavours and vary depending on the Stanton you visit. From a double baked Crab Soufflé, to Steak Frittes, Oysters, Vongole, Green Bowls through to our Signature Organic Scotch Egg with a gorgeous runny centre. The Stanton breakfast menu is perhaps one of the most impressive times of the day to be in a Stanton. Fresh, fast, organic, colourful and beautifully presented. Lets not forget the Stanton Pizza which is traditional Napoli style pizza with only the finest artisan produce, products and a local Fior di Latte. This is for the purist, the aficionados, the true lovers of pizza.

Our Space

Furnished with modern and eclectic pieces throughout you’ll enter a refined yet relaxed space, perfect for whiling away the day with good food and great coffee.  

It’s the ideal space to celebrate meaningful milestones, catch ups with old friends or have an important business meeting. Each Stanton has been designed and delivered with the location and its history in mind. Each cafe is a textured offering of thoughtful design, experiences, luxury and comfort. It’s a sophisticated environment with a casual and relaxed approach to dinning.

Our Coffee

We believe the foundation for anything great, is quality. Which is why we start by sourcing the most exceptional 100% Organic Ethically sourced green beans globally. Expertly roasted locally, in order to achieve a specific and unique flavour profile and sensory experience.